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When one tends to seek out friendships or sexual relations with anyone except African Americans (hence "no blacks") while often claiming to not be racist. Commonly infects (but is not exclusive to) Caucasian gay males in the southern United States and is often reworded as a "preference" to avoid being labeled as a racist.

Symptoms include: frequent usage of phrases on social networks and internet dating profiles like "No blacks!", "White or latino only", "White only", "Not into black", "Sorry, not racist, just a preference", "No black guys", "Let's keep it white", "Not interested in black", and more colorful or exotic variants to lessen the blow, such as "Not into chocolate cake".
I hate adam4adam; it's like, every other profile you click on, the dude either has HIV or Noblax disease.
by a4adude January 28, 2012
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