It is not a dairy product
it is a penis that smells and taste like cheesssseeeee
person 1:your grandfather has a nob cheese down there
preson 2: mmmmmmmmmmmm cheesseeeee
by kenwinlam January 16, 2009
Top Definition
The smelly yellow creamy substance on a mans cock that goes crusty when not washed.
Gary Atkins eat his own nobcheese as well as some of his gay lovers.
by Trevor (Garys gay lover) July 29, 2003
Fermented, yellowish substance that congeals under a man's uncircumcised foreskin.
If Chris would show Mason how to clean his penis, he wouldn't get so much nob cheese.
by FRizzo August 22, 2005
Smegma - white stuff found
on one's bell-end under the foreskin when one hasn't washed for a while (allegedly.......)
woman: Phor! Your nobcheese is really pungent tonight!
by anon..... :-) June 12, 2003
A fuckin' stinky substance which builds up under your Bell end if you dont clean it regularly.
After being ill for a few days in bed, Timothy found that he had a large collection of Nobcheese (Smegma) waiting to be cleaned underneath his bellend.
by Joe Nazmdeh January 05, 2006
the very desgusting residue found on the penis when a man doesnt clean himself of properly, usually found on bottom enders.
Slly doesnt like sucking the man in the parks dick because of the aftertaste due to his nob-cheese.
by undercurent April 08, 2003
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