A giant blubbering hypocritical idiot who has nothing better to do than write countless books that badmouth the country which he comes from and now resides in, the United States. His views are so left-wing they would make Karl Marx cringe to think of such idiocy in his writings. The main problem with this man is that he shows many problems but suggests no solutions, and for this he is useless. What drives me insane is the fact that he hates the United States but has no problem spendng its money, breathing its air, eating its food, and teaching at one of its schools.
Noam Chomsky thinks every president to have ever lived is a douchebag... do YOU want to be like him?
by Sam Schimmel June 06, 2006
Top Definition
Chomsky revolutionized the discipline of linguistics. His linguistics work argues that the acquisition of language is part of the naturual or innate structure of the human brain. An anarchist and libertarian socialist, Chomsky first came to prominence in the political realm opposing the U.S. invasion of South Vietnam. Outspoken against all abuses of power, Chomsky is a particularly astute critic of U.S. foreign policy. Chomsky's analysis of the media illustrates the compliant nature of the information industries to the ideological obejctives and imperatives of governments and corporate elites.
Judged in terms of the power, range, novelty and influence of his thought, Noam Chomsky is arguably the most important intellectual alive.

-The New York Times Book Review
by the1 June 29, 2003
Prince Chomming. The Chomster. Sir Choms. The Chom-meister. Mister Chomeroonie.
Chomiddy chom chom chom
by Andy February 13, 2005
Despite what PENDEJO says, Noam Chomsky is the true American's most valuable resource. The problem with dissent is that you are under much more pressure to produce proof of the true evils you see and know of, as opposed to being pro-conglomerate, which never needs to prove anything, and doesn't care if you don't believe them. Professor Chomsky has an encyclopedic knowledge of FACT, not spun reports, not U.S. media stories, but pure, straight-from-the-source facts. Dr. Chomsky and Dr. Howard Zinn are the most educated and eloquent real voices of dissent, and one would hardly be able to dismiss his truth if one were to actually read it. He provides proof of EVERYTHING he speaks of, and will not comment on a topic he knows nothing of. As of yet, no conservative, 'liberal', right-winger, or republican has been able to discredit anything he has said, nor have they been able to successfully contradict him.
Noam Chomsky gained infamy in the U.S. media in 1979-1980 when he said that a French author who denied the existence and validity of the Holocaust was allowed to publish his works.
by EDUCATED LEFT-WINGER September 17, 2003
A person who conducts incredibly thorough research and uses well-cited and indisputable facts to make an argument. Antonyms: Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity.
Judged in terms of the power, range, novelty and influence of his thought, Noam Chomsky is arguably the most important intellectual alive.

-The New York Times Book Review
by Stephen Rogness November 30, 2003
one man trying his darndest to make a difference by putting up the best argument against the barrage of corporate propaganda you get through every media outlet in the usa today...

not including cspan and pbs and national public radio...

obviously very intelligent, he is vilified by all those who are afraid to engage him in a debate...

ive heard a several guys try to debate him, they always get very mad and reduce the argument to ad homynym (sp?) attacts...

his writing is a bit tough to understand for those not willing to put in an effort, but some things cannot be said in 5 second sound bites... and thats part of the problem with the USA's basic ignorance of what in the hell their government has been up to...

take a look at the Pentagon Papers, the history of the vietnam war, then see if you think it is relevant info to know, then ask yourself why the hel dont you learn about that stuff in history class???

if you wanna have a good idea whats going on in international geopolitics i highly recomend checking out what mr chomsky has to say...
shucks, noam chomsky sure is cool...
by ernesto February 12, 2004
A synonym for "know what I'm sayin," except a shorter, more ran-together version.
"Noam Chomsky man?"
"Oh, I know what you're Chomsky."
by Deskin' September 24, 2007
An senile liberal fanaticist. Although his specialization is linguistics he behaves as if that of an expierenced political activist who has actually taken political science and economics as his profession. A propagandist and mud-slinger. Very much the male liberal version of Ann Coulter. Although he does have a very large fan-base it appears that anyone with political power that is not MSNBC believes he is insane and incredibly oppurtunistic. He has transcribed a series of books entailing his incredulous arguements. Most likely a friend of Michael Moore.
"Noam Chomsky is what it's about!" Pronounced Leslie Von Hipster,
"No, he is not," stated Norm Al Persen,
"He is a proffessor at MIT and he has received like ninety honorary degrees, so I wouldn't be talking!" Shouted LVH arrogantly,
"He is a proffessor of linguistics not anything closely related to politics and unversities often give honorary degrees to famed persons for public speaking at their campus," Retorted Norm.
"You probably are a gas-guzzler!" Cried Leslie as he ran away flailing his arms emotionally.
by Oedipus-Rex July 05, 2011

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