In the card game 'phase 10' noah's ark occurs when a player is dealt an unusually, and typically unhelpfully large number of pairs. Especially useless when in phases 4-6, attempting to get a string of consecutive numbers instead of sets of the same numbers.
I am dealt two 1's, two 4's, two 8's, two 10's, an 11 and a 12, so i bitch thusly: "damnit, noah's ark again!"
by boobavon August 07, 2006
Top Definition
When you preform sex with two of every animal except unicorns.
I went to preform the Noah's Ark but the zoo would not let me in.
by Trevor Davis 69 June 18, 2010
Taking 2 shots of every kind of booze from the host's liquor cabinet so that they don't notice any is missing. Smells like death and tastes like it smells. Generally followed by a great flood of vomit or a great time.
"Dude i thought you ran out of booze an hour a go."
"No man, me and the boys pulled a Noah's Ark."
by DaHooch December 14, 2011
Noah's Ark is 2 of every kind of sauce a fast food Restaurant has to offer.
16 yr old Kid Working The Drive-Thru: Can I get you any sauce?

Me: yeah I got a lot of nuggets in here so can I get a Noah's Ark
by Jimmy McCarthy' January 13, 2009
A fat slut
"I call that girl Noah's Ark, shes as wide as an ark and guys often try to board her 2 by 2"
by orlo January 31, 2009
Jon Voight's huge boat. Mary Steenburgen was the rudder slut
It rained for 40 days and 40 nights but we were snug as a bug in a rug aboard Noah's Ark.
by Jake February 03, 2004
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