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A pseudo acronym for "North of Davidson Avenue" that is known as the "arts district." This neighborhood is known for it's "art." That is, the "art" that's done by a a fine art student who is working on their master's or has recently completed it, though it is made to look like some kitschy folk art. Everyone then assumes the artist is naive, when in fact they have paid over $100k for their education. Their rent and hedonistic lifestyle is paid for by their parents who were sure they were raising the next master artist. Said artists like to pretend (s)he lives in DUMBO (and that their work is original or even interesting). That's NoDa, Charlotte, NC.
I live North of Davidson Avenue (NoDa, Charlotte). This is because I love to get smashed every night, since the bars are the only semi-good things around here. That and the Crepe Cellar place.
by elisevf January 14, 2011
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