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by David Yoo March 27, 2003
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When one has entered into an argument that there is no turning back from, another may respond with; "No U" as to mean "No U-Turn" or no getting out of the argument or taking back what was said.
Jack: I think president Bush is doing a great job!
Jill: No U!
by FetusEater September 22, 2008
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The n00b internet (or 4chan) version of 'now'
Also the same thing as Nao or Noa or anything like it.
"Go get me a sandwich nou"

"Come with me to the mall nou"
by N00bwaffle July 18, 2008
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An argument used on the internet to tell someone "I will not do that, you do that" It is used in good humor, but us nonsense to someone who doesn't know about it.
User 1: kys
User 2: no u
by There'sAMemeInMySoup September 24, 2016
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"No u," or in proper English, "No, you." This is the ultimate end all to any argument. Commonly used to reflect a statement, usually an insult, back onto the one who used said insult. Affirming that the insult is more suitable to the one saying the insult, rather than the one receiving it.

-Often used as a response to the phrase kys
Guy1: "You embicile. There is absolutely no truth to what you have just said, at all. You must have been dropped on your head as a baby, as I see no way that an intelligent human could possibly believe that."
Guy2: "no u"
(argument concluded, as there is no way to come back from this)

Guy1: "kys"
Guy2: "no u"
by SullyJelly December 07, 2016
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