1: a place where it is nothing but females, especially dykes and lesbians.

2: a moment when it is nothing but females, especially dykes and lesbians.
All I see is females. What's the name of this place "No Man's Land?"
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant September 02, 2005
Top Definition
<noun> British slang

1) The area between two opposing forces' trenches during WW1. Characterised by a quagmire of saturated soil, crater holes, barbed wire, unexploded shells, quicksoil and rotting bodies. The last place on Earth you'd want to be in the period between 1914-1918, or for some time afterwards I'd imagine...

2) The area between your ballsack and your arsehole.
"Sgt. Harris was caught out in No-Mans-Land yesterday during a patrol. He's been pronounced Missing in Action... But I think we all know what really happened to him..."

"I love scratchin' mi' No Man's Land, *guffaw guffaw.*"
by Stuart Fletcher November 03, 2004
The sweaty gap in between your sack and crack.

Otherwise known as a gooch.
"My no-mans-land stinks"
by Griff May 23, 2005
In WWI, the 100 yards or so between the trenches of each side was littered with dead bodies. Anyone who enterd here would stand a high chance of getting shot by either side.
No man's land was an area where people were sure to get shot to death.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004
1.A field of mines

2.The tampon isle
1.In Nam it was like a huge no mans land.

2.No way im goin in the no mans land for a box of pads
by RocaFella June 03, 2004
That spot between your snail trail and your pubic hair where it hasn't quite met up yet leaving an awkward patch of nothing.
Damn, wish my hair would grow in already. No mans land is looking pretty barren.
by cookiemonst4 January 10, 2015
An area of no importance or significance; lost; a forgotten sweaty balmy place; sometimes it stinks
Stu is struggling to sit still in the van, says, "hey Tony, do me a favour, I've a strange feeling in a strange place, will you take a look and let me know what is going on? Barry pipes up and says, "by the way you're shifting around, that'll be your No Man's Land. I've seen it before and it ain't pretty".
by Who_flung_dung October 14, 2015
the place in a game of capture the flag that is located between the oposing team's teretories--- a place where neither team can tag anyone and send them to jail. In simple words, an area of land that no one "owns" (hence the name "no man's land"). also known as "nuteral zone" and other various names.
I followed those two kids from the other team out of the no man's land onto our side where I could tag them.
by LuthienTinuviel March 11, 2010

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