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Used to sarcastically act like you aren't trying to brag about something that isn't worth bragging about. Should make it seem like you are bragging about it. Usually said in a sarcastic tone. Not to be used when something actually is a big deal.
Starbucks lady: "Total is $4.23"
Me as I hand her $4.23: "Exact change, no big deal"


Girlfriend walks in, me on the computer
Me: "Just checking the spiderman forums, no big deal."
by ProbablyBetterThanYou June 22, 2009
1. not a problem

2. a person or thing that does not give one a reason to worry
Don't mind the window, it's no big deal.
by The Return of Light Joker November 16, 2011
Key phrase of the one and only Samantha Fett
You have an excuse for everything" "No Big Deal
by nobigdealforlife February 02, 2011
something said after something amazing has been accomplished, usual said in a sarcastic to make ones self seem modest when in reality one is bragging. usually followed by "'cept it is"
i just got a 100 on my test! no big deal, 'cept it is
by cmacdaddy September 16, 2009
It's not a big deal.
No big deal but I'm pretty much a big deal.
by mystery5232 September 06, 2011
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