When ladies decide not to shave for the entire month of November, sometimes in response to the Men's No Shave November.
Man: Your legs are so hairy. When's the last time you shaved?
Woman: October? I am participating in No Shave November!
by roxieiscool November 01, 2009
Synonymous with No Sex November. Men participate in this "manly month" to prove... something... no one's really figured out what yet. Unfortunately, participation in No Shave November also grants you full access to the synonymous month.
I'm not getting laid Billy, it's No Shave November, remember?
by DraftHorsePower October 15, 2008
The act of shaving on the last day of October then not shavin for the etire month of November. One December 1st you compare youre facial hair with your friends and enjoy reminicing on the experiance that was No Shave November. It only becomes exceptable to shave again on December 1st.
Man I can't wait to see my awesome beard after No Shave November is over.
by Dr. Shave December 01, 2009
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