A misnomer of "Amateur beard month"
"Participate in No Shave November! Support Prostate cancer research!"

"Promote manliness by exposing the unmanly people who can't grow a beard and humiliate them? ...No thanks"
by pseudopsychonym November 17, 2013
Also has a meaning in a competitive swimmer's world where ALL swimmers must not shave because it will cause resistance in their training (and sometimes their meets), but will make them stronger and easier to glide through the water when it comes to shaving it all off at a very xinfinity important meet.
Swimmer 1: It's finally No shave November
Swimmer 2: Finally get to fit in, for once.
by love'nswim November 03, 2013
all men shave on october 31st and then refuse to shave for all of november. at the end of the month, everyone compares beards. girls are not allowed to participate in no-shave november.
wes - dude, are you doing no-shave november ?
ben - yeah of course ! i'm up for any excuse not to shave.
by mmm yeah. November 03, 2009
To not shave the whole month of November
Dude, are you going to participate in no shave November
by that on guy November 14, 2007
A celebration for males & females that startes November 1st and ends the last day of November. This is the only time when it is acceptable to not shave, hence the name No Shave November.
Bill: Dude your beard is HUGE!
Alex: Yeah, I know. It's No Shave November !
by blonde_chick122 December 11, 2009
A guys way of showing how much testosterone he posseses by showing how much facial hair he is physically able to grow.
*Guy walks by with glorious no shave november beard*

Girl 1: Damn you see the beard on that guy what a manly man! meooww
Girl 2: If his beard is that big, i wonder what hes packing in his pants..
by Ma3asalaama November 01, 2011
It is when you don't shave throughout the month of November to help push a non-profit organization or cause.
For November 2008, I am participating in No Shave November for the Save Darfur cause.
by Mz Anonymous November 05, 2008
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