1. An unjustly oppressed group or cause.

2. The north foyer of Lechner Hall at Texas A&M University.
1. The administration's unfair actions against this nofo have come under fire lately.

2. There were once no couches in Nofo.
by Walker December 03, 2003
Top Definition
Abbreviation and slang for North Fort Myers, the white trash part of the Fort Myers/Cape Coral, FL area. Home of Suncoast Village aka Scumcoast Village, the largest trailer park in the nation.
Person A: "Where do we got to go to pick up these bitches?"
Person B: "No Fo baby!"
Person A: "No Fo?! Man, you got us on the way to pick up some trailer trash crackheads!"
by John Boy28 January 14, 2009
A not-so-good looking girl, fat girl or combination thereof who you would sleep with but only if No One Found Out.
Person A: Would you do rosie o'donnell?
Person B: She is fkn ugly and fat, but I havent gotten laid in 6 months, so I would NOFO.

That girl is a NOFO!
by Duece/K-Ron July 15, 2011
Similar to mofo, nofo is short for:

1. aNOther fucker or,
2. aNOther FOol

Used to describe someone of no limited significance.
Cortland Finnegan gambled but lost trying to jack with Andre Johnson. He proved to the world he's just a nofo with little man syndrome.
by Charlie Golf December 15, 2010
A person who is the opposite of mofo. Just an ordinary person with no special skills. Opposite of "hard core"
Joe: that bitch always refer to me as a mofo
Russ: Nigga u aint no mofo.. ya a bitch ass Nofo.
by gotchyou February 16, 2011
The only reason he goes to church is because he's a nofo
by irrek June 18, 2011
-Not One Fuck Omitted

- Used similar to "yolo" except before engaging in somewhat risky behavior, this is used to symbolize that one does not care, or "does not give a fuck."
A: I heard you're going out with __.
B: Yeah.
A: Dude, I heard she's a total ho.
A: That's not healthy. What if you get AIDS?
B: Still probably won't give a fuck.
by RiSiN February 24, 2014
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