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No Bars means you don't have skill in hiding illegal things. You're a dumbass, and you get caught a lot.
He went to jail again?! No bars.
by Panda:) June 20, 2011
When a person/individual possesses absolutely zero blunt and/or jay rolling skills.
Man, look at this loosely rolled ass blunt. That dude has no bars...
by MasterChief11 July 11, 2013
Some one very dim derrived from a cell phone having no reception i.e. "No Bars"
He is very slow, he has no bars
by YeahYeahFO SHO September 28, 2009
When someone has no rapping skills

Usually used during a free-style battle
Rapper: "Workin' Zero-four in the mornin' I'm tires as hell and I can't stop yawnin', fallin' out my bed so high. Walk to the bathroom, stub my toe FML..."

Rapper w/No Bars: "Your rhymes are whack, you should get smacked..."

Bystander: "Noooo...that dude has No Bars"
by G.L.A.P. January 23, 2015
Playing a dance games without holding the back rail/bar behind you, in which is criticized by some players. This is most associated with Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, and In The Groove. The term is often used when a player has passed a very difficult song without holding the bar.
I just no-bar'd Fascination MAXX Double Expert on Extra Stage.
by xxxplizit March 22, 2014
one of the most depressing sights of your life.

having no bars usually ends up in you recieving many texts late and people thinking your anti-social and just using "I had no bars" as an excuse.

basically, having no reception/signal on your mobile.
*looks at phone*
no bars.
by ninjaamoves January 27, 2011
by CVPosauner June 27, 2005
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