The act of shaving on October 31st then not shaving for the entire month of November. This includes all hair on the body. ALL HAIR! On December 1st each person in the agreement will swear whether or not they have shaved and provide at least 2 signatures from family members stating that the participant hasn't shaved all month. Whoever loses must pay for the other’s Chipotle meal. If no winner is declared then all participants will reward themselves with Thai iced teas; complete Asian cuisine lunch optional. It only becomes acceptable to shave again on December 1st.
-You ready for No Shave November?!
by Stella-Kay August 03, 2010
A college tradition that involves avoiding shaving because it's no shave November, or usually because you're just too lazy. Fortunately, every month can be made into a no shave month.
Paul- "Dude your beard is gross, you should shave."
John- "Sorry bro, it's no shave november."

Other months:
Just don't shave January
Forget shaving February
Mustn't shave March
Avoid shaving April
by Jesus Con Carne April 26, 2010
no-shave November is a way of raising awareness for testicular and prostate cancer. They do this by simply not shaving, it would make more sense the other way around and shave it off, since that's what people with cancer have to deal with. Also, this is the laziest way to fund a charity, typical men. But, all jokes aside cancer is a serious thing. So, you would think men would run marathons and sell blue colored products that a percentage of the sales are donated to the cause. But instead people actually pay to help support a guys effort in growing hair!Personally I think this is bullshit! There is a tragedy many female Americans have to go through, one like myself.In the U.S their is a holiday called Thanksgiving usually towards the end of November. By celebrating Americans traditionally have a huge feast with family members and loved ones. You can see how this can be quite gruesome if you have a family member or loved one sitting across the table with a nasty ass beard with drips of gravy, turkey, mashed potatoes, milk from the morning and you completely lose your appetite. Or another family member sitting next to you passing you the dish of your mothers delicious stuffing you have been craving all day and then his beard brushes the top of the breaded spices of yumminess. And all of sudden your holiday is ruined yet again and everything you are thankful for is taken from you by no shave November.
My brother ruined thanksgiving for me by participating in no shave November.
by PaulettaRoberta November 03, 2013
Not shaving for the entire month of November. Started by YouTube's Charles Trippy.
Shay: Hey Charles why haven't you shaved?
Charles: Didn't u hear it's no shave November
Shay: oh awesome
by Emilio25 December 02, 2009
The tradition of not shaving one's face throughout the month of November. Usually followed by Mustache Monday.
All the men in the office looked like vagabonds after No Shave November.
by Loudly December 17, 2009
The month when most men are single, because women find it repulsive for men to have pub like hair on his face.

If a woman was to make out for a long period of time with a man with a beard, it could result in beard burn.
Man- "wanna have sex"
Woman- "not until you shave that beard"

Woman- "If you're going to participate in no shave november, so will I. See how you like it"
by onetimethingg November 01, 2011
men do not have to go to the trouble of shaving their downstairs this month(only november).

ie. FYI the men who don't shave their downstairs can use this month as a cover up if the girl your hooking up with is dumbfounded of your out of control bush.
Some Bitch was taking my underwear off when all the sudden..Bam! A big bush jumps out, and nearly hits her in the face.

Some Bitch: WTF GABE?
GABE: What can I say babe, its No Shave November.
Some Bitch: O okay..
GABE: Carry on :)
by E-bag November 09, 2009
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