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I think Im quitting the game. All the ring tables are just full of TAGS. Now as of recently all the heads up tables are full of decently solid players. I cannot get hands anymore. When I move in ahead and get called I get sucked out, but when I'm behind I never dog. It's so depressing. 4 years and I can't get off the small tables. I tried every approach. My winnings are marginal...not enough to justify playing. I have no question or whatever. I know this thread will probably get deleted. I'm just really depressed the government screwed over internet poker to the point where it's all good players with about 1 in 10 players being donks.

Now it's just a few really good players trading games HU. Are the really good players the ones who just dive bomb and win? I can't beat those kind of maniacs. Raise every button?? That doesn't work the opponent just slowplays you after awhile. I'm so ****ing depressed to work this hard to be a good player and all of a sudden I realize I'm not that good. I have no shot. All the hard work down the drain.

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I'm quittin' the game when I reach in my wallet, no money heads up everyone's solid.
by Aaronk56's Son May 08, 2010