A law made by fags to recruit more fags, or to make established fags happy...it has benefits as well(for fags)...somewhat like how the Army uses thr GI Bill
Hey Jimmy, it looks like Mr. Harris watched a little too much MTv in his day, for the NFLB law has swept him away.
--no more belly aches and pains I say...the NFLB Law must go away
by W.Yokum March 16, 2005
Top Definition
Society is not happy with kids growing up straight anymore, so they must put them through numerous bullshit encounters with fake-happy cocksuckers. If a child chooses to be straight, which is normal and humane, he or she is forced, by the media, to endure the belly-aches that come from watching and reading about fags and how it is OK to suck cock, even if you have a mustache.
You only think you like girls, Johnny. According to the new NFLB Law, you must watch MTV and other fag channels before you can be a real boy and play Baseball or Football.
by w.yokum March 14, 2005
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