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No Chainz, derived from the one and only Two Chainz, literally means this type of person has no chains. He is a free flying eagle that needs to be set free among the other ratchets on the weekend. You may find a No Chainz in his natural habitat, twerking on a wall somewhere in Mankato or Wisconsin. TWERKIN' ALL OVER DA WORLD. Don't even bother asking him what time it is, the answer is always 'Shots o'clock'. Caution: You do NOT want to be in the cross fire between a No Chainz and a bottle of vodka. Survival is rare. It is an honor to party with a No Chainz, take advantage whenever possible.
"Dude, did you go out last night?"
"Hell yeah I got so ratchet! I saw No Chainz at the frat twerking it UP!"

"I saw No Chainz too! We took shots and twerked with Miley all night!"
by Megan Nasty November 16, 2013
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