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no good in Spanish
We showed up to the movies and the movie we wanted to see was sold out. No bueno :(
#no good #all bad #this sucks #not good #why?
by bonitalucy February 06, 2010
not good; that's sucks; yikes!
"Oh man, I completely screwed up. I forgot that i was supposed to meet the mean teacher during lunch!" "Yikes! No bueno!"
by ABO1212 December 02, 2015
An American expression for "not good". Bueno means good in Spanish but avoid using this expression in front of anyone who actually speaks Spanish as it's not grammatically correct and people will instantly know that you are an American trying to look cultured. Proper Spanish for "not good" would be "No está bien"
Josh: my boss just told me to start looking for a new job.

Mike: no bueno, dude.

Pedro: the lawn mowing service costs 50 dollars an hour, señor .
Josh: No está bien
Pedro: okay for you it will be only 20 dollars.
by amigo piedra May 16, 2016
When one performs oral sex after they have vomited.
"She puked then blew me! I got puke in my car, on my pants, and on my dick. NO BUENO."
#blowjob #vomit #puke #oral #sex #bummed
by radoscar March 04, 2009
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