a sexy black girl with sort hair, Nneka's are riders (if you know what i mean) and are the most kinky girls you may ever meet, they bite, they scream and they scratch but you can't help but love them just as they are....
Nneka's will have you begging for more....
boy1: dam!what happend to your back? its all scratched and....is that a bite mark!!!

boy2: one word....Nneka

boy1: you lucky basterd!
by fananny September 19, 2010
Top Definition
A sexy female who if you are not currently dating you should get with. Nneka's are women of beauty with a whole lot of booty or breast and usually dark haired. They are all you wish you had and the best choice for a girl friend. (unless you know a Nneka who is a man)

If you date or dated these gorgeous Nneka's you have all you'll ever need or you are mental and let the best thing you had go, without realizing it.

Nneka's are the best in bed even if they appear they aren't. Get to know your Nneka's because studies show many grow up to be nude models just out of the blue.
Boy 1: Damn remember little Nneka from down the block?
Boy 2: yeah what happened to her?
Boy 1: She isn't so little anymore, she got it going on! she's all grown up if you know what im sayin'
Boy 2: I gotta holla at that.
by BigDickJones June 11, 2009
Someone who's so moody you have no idea how they will react to anything, and acts like your best mate some of the time but is completely disinterested in you the rest. Only out for their own personal gain. A complete bitch.
Stella: Hey Nneka d'you wanna come to town?
Nneka: ...
Nneka: k wat ev
Stella: I have cookies.
Nneka: Aww OMG let's go out I haven't seen you in ages, missing you loads!
by Amiblocked August 23, 2008
a moody, usually black girl who calls and stalks innocent bystanders and begs for their friendship. Beware of a Nneka because they lurk everywhere and are often unidentifiable. The average person has atleast one Nneka in their lifetime.
Person one: Who just called you?
Person two: ehh noone just some Nneka.

Person one: ahh I'm sorry that sucks man.
by theemptybreadbasket92 December 27, 2009

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