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An ugly fat ass bitch who talks shit and acts mad ghetto and unnecessary for no reason at all. Is also a crazy wanna be whore who thinks they are popular. The female equivalent of an omar russo. Also can be a lesbian who hasn't came out yet. Also takes part in various and many sexual acts. Another word for a hairy cock or dick. A perfect example of a niyasia oliver is the fat girl in the movie Precious. Also can be another word for a piece of shit.
1) We are poor because we are from the niyasia oliver.

2) Stop acting niyasia oliver dude, your not black

3) Walk Walk fashion baby work it move that niyasia oliver crazy.

4.) You can't be niyasia oliver forever, you're gonna have to come out to your

parents sometime.

5.) Ew it smells like cheese in here, did you wash your niyasia oliver dude ?

6.) She sucked my niyasia oliver rally good.

7.) Since I'm such a whore, i'll be niyasia oliverin it up like crazy.

8.) Vanessa Hudgens told me Zac Efron has a niyasia oliver.

9.) I'm gonna go squat on the toilet and crap out a niyasia oliver.

10.) I'm gonna walk my dog so she can take a niyasia oliver
by xx444444444444 December 12, 2009

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