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Noun: An elbow to the groin
Adjective: Term used to describe a undesirable person/place/thing/situation
Verb: The act of receving or delivering an elbow to the groin
Noun: "Dude, I have to work 4-12. I just got NiteOwl'd"
Adjective: "Wow, look at the weather. It's pretty NiteOwl"
Verb: "Don't NiteOwl me with 1-9 again please"
by ChicksDiggFishingVest July 29, 2009
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A person who loves to go out at night and not so much through the day. Often they are non existent during daylight and rise to get up to mischief at nite. also features big eyes and a keen sense of direction.
I never see her through the day shes such a niteowl
by HMF May 01, 2005
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