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Worst enemy of rival car company porshe.
Dissolves the saying "theres no replacement for displacement".

A menace for Police officers across the world to keep up with.

Nissan GTR- Muscle Car enthusiasts walks to a 5 yr old kid at a car show trying to act all bad n shit, he says to the kid with an ice-cream in his hand "Yoh theres no Replacement for Displacement sooonnn", 5 yr old replies in kiddish manner "yes there is missta, itsa cawlled a Nissaan G..T..R, wid around 473 horsepowa it can accelarate from 0-60 in jus 3.5 secands.Being outsmarted by the kid and realising the truth about jap imports the older man goes home pissin his shit stained panties.

by Andy_B August 16, 2008
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