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Nirmines (pronounced neer-meen) are usually Moroccan girls that love to laugh and have a good time. They are honest, persuasive, they give great advice, and are overall passionate people. They can be silly at times, but they can be pretty mature as well. They are very intelligent, social people. You'd be lucky to meet a Nirmine.
"Who's that? She seems really cool."
"That's Nirmine."
by Aïcha June 28, 2013
Nirmine rules an army of flying caterpillars and can play 3 musical instruments. Her interests include bear knuckle boxing with Mike Tyson and swimming with killer whales. On the day of her birth a star collapsed causing a blackhole and forming a new galaxy in honour of her greatness! The word Nirmine can also be used as a word of great authority
"I command you in the name of Nirmine to stpo this instant!!"
by elfantatico June 28, 2013