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A so called "Hipster" who thinks he is beyond the humanly conceivable meaning of cool. He/She will take advantage of their significant other because their boyfriend/girlfriend has a unhealthy fascination with the fact that He/She is a hipster. The physical appearance of a Nipster Hipster is a tall, lanky guy, who is very attractive, but lacks common sense. You can spot this Nipster hipster by the way his lips are always slightly pursed, as if he has tasted something sour. Popular catch phrases of the Nipster Hipster consist of "Herp, Derp" and "Cool story bro" If you find yourself falling in love with such Nipster Hipster, proceed to take the next train the farthest possible place from him.
"Mary, I think I love Alex."

"But Ellie hes such a Nipster Hipster."
by RuthlessRomantic October 29, 2011
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