It's very cold.
Normally used in an outside setting and by girls.
Being nippy noodles can cause THO in any gender.
Lenne: Ugh, I don't want to walk the dog, it's nippy noodles out there!
by Kraytheili May 12, 2009
Top Definition
Coldness which makes your nipples stiffen - very much like stipples, fripples (which are the name of the nipple in the cold).
'It's very nippy noodles today isn't it?'
by lollie July 06, 2003
brr, it's nippy noodles outside!
by dedweesel January 27, 2003
a coldness which is rather apparent in older school classrooms, or brisk mornings. refers to the words nippy, meaning cold, and noodles, meaning long stringy pasta (the connection is indeterminate).
Marie: "Boy, it's nippy noodles in here today"
Spencer: "why do you keep saying that?"
Marie: "shut up, Spencer, i'll say what i want!"
Spencer: "whatever."
Marie: "i love you spencer, and i always have. i wish to spend my days with you, and press myself against your warm body."
Spencer: "I suddenly feel very hot... does anyone else feel that?"
Marie: "I'm still nippy noodles"
Spencer: "were you saying something?"
by STcrispin July 10, 2008
Usually outside.
This slang comes from the book series "Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging" or "Confessions of Georgia Nicolson."
Its bloody nippy noodles out here!
by Kirby(: June 29, 2009
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