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A game played between two individuals in which each person pinches, twists and otherwise irritates the nipples of the other person. The player going the longest without screaming or flinching is the winner.
I kicked my girlfriend's ass at nipple chicken and I've got the bruises to prove it.
#nipple #titty twister #tit #purple nurple #nipple twist
by Cartwheel 1972 October 18, 2011
5 Words related to Nipple Chicken
1) it's like Rock Paper Scissors... With a twist!

2)When two partners participate in a duel of titty twisting to resolve an argument, make a decision, or if you are kinky... for pleasure.
"Babe, The only way we are going to resolve this... nipple chicken!!!"

"It's on!"
#nipple #tittie #chicken #twist #duel
by Pagonalds September 05, 2015
A small carniverous asexual-hermaphroditic creature that has been found on every continant of the Earth, including Madagascar. It has the body of a chicken, but its feet are two large bulbous protrusions that look like breasts.
Did you hear about that nipple chicken attack last week?
Yeah! I read about it on the North American Nipple Chicken Awareness Coalition's website,!
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