An overly biased term which should not exist
The console wars are gay. Make peace, not accusations of people masturbating to pop music
by Neronix July 18, 2003
Top Definition
The stupidest nickname for Nintendo. Seriously, I like Sony, X Box and Nintendo. It's people like this that make me want to start hating Sony.
....and I can say the same thing to that kid dissing Nintendo. If it weren't for Final Fantasy, Sony would have died out long ago. Now tell me, how does that make you feel?
by Alexi November 21, 2003
A term created by no-life gimps who can't fight anyone in real life so they have to diss gamers on the internet
Wow I'm cool because I can diss someone on the net! Oops time for my pills!
by Cameron July 30, 2003
A name crafted by someone with no imagination, creativity or obvious talent with the English language in order to attempt to slam a piece of machinery. The fact that they have done this speaks to the fact that they hold video games very high in their priorities, proving a few things:
1) They need to find solace in games because women want nothing to do with them.
2) They also lack any life whatsoever. The lack of skill and time it took to post this shows they lack people skills and intelligence to work at the most menial of jobs.
3) They will be spankin' it to Tomb Raider later.
Person 1: "Its not Nintendo, its Ninturdo!"
Person 2: "Do I actually waste my free time hearing this?"
by Looch May 11, 2003
This inbred imbecile known as sony roolz deserves to get his ass whooped for posting all those anti-Nintendo posts.
Nintendorks will kick sony rools's ass.
by Nintendophile May 19, 2003
stop being such fucking fanboys. link doesn't even talk in any of the games, and zelda is better than most of the games you play neway.
by Ftksb Rdyro July 06, 2003
Look u bunch of batty boys no1 givs a fuk about ur little problem nintendo was good sony will be good. settled.
wot fag end argues about phonyGaystation and Ninturdo
by bOb November 30, 2004
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