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Group of japanese people (usually two) who come to your door holding they're Worshiping Idol Item (more commonly known as a Wii) trying to encourage others to join their religion. Once you open the door, they automatically cast their spell on you by reciting the magical words: "We would like tplay." If you are not fast enough to close the door, you'll soon find yourself playing a game with 3 other people (who may or you may or may not know, you won't care either way) as the two Japanese men sit in the corner with evil grins upon their faces filled with the sense of the knowledge; they got you. Then they disappear without a trace, on to search for their next victim.

Signs of an oncoming Nintova's wiitness visit include:

-Strange banjo music playing from an unknown source
-Everyone in the house (all four of you) gathering in front of the door to answer it

Things that will increase your susceptibility:

-Being a member of a family of four
-Having 3 other multi-cultural friends
-Just having four people being in the general area

To avoid:

-When opening the door yell: "NO NINTOVA'S WITNESS!" and run like the dickens. Turn off all lights and hide in a corner until sunrise (even if the sun is already out).
-Some people will say that assuming the fetal position is also helpful, but "experts" claim there is no conclusive evidence of this
-Also do not share hiding spaces. It makes the fear into a more concentrated substance. (They can taste your fear)
*doorbell rings*

*Member of multi-cultural group of four opens the door*

Japanese dude: "We would like to pl-"

Member of multi-cultural group of four: "NO NINTOVA'S WIITNESS!"

*Slams door as everyone picks different corners and waits until dawn*
by dbn May 22, 2007
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