(Pronounced: nin-ten-drone) noun
A childish, derogatory term used by anti-fans of the Nintendo Wii gaming console or the Nintendo corporation to describe admirers or even just users of the Wii, DS, or 3DS. This term is used despite the fact that name-calling has never improved a single industry and any rational person would admit that each of the current-gen consoles have their own positive and negative aspects.
Sally: "Super Street Fighter IV 3D has finally been released! I hope it looks as awesome on my 3DS as it did in the trailers."

Bobby: "You're just a stupid nintendrone fangirl! The 3DS has shitty graphics compared to the PSP. Just wait for the PSVita to come out and then you can be a hardcore, uber, bad-ass, gamer like me!"

Sally: "If you want me to be a pstool like you why don't you buy a PS3 for me you cheap bastard! At least buy me the new Xbox 360 Slim!"

Bobby: "Then you would be a Xbot! I would buy you a new PC but being a couch jockey is the last thing you need since your ass got so fat."

Sally: "Maybe I wouldn't be so fat if you would let me get a new Wii Fit for my birthday. But no, we had to drive for two days to go to E3 this year to hear PlayStation kiss ass and apologize. I never should have married a stupid fanboy like you!"
by CheWi June 16, 2011
Top Definition
Someone who has a blind, undying love for Nintendo and all it's products. They will protect the hive until death, fighting for their favorite video game company. Known to get into giant flame wars with fanboys for other systems/companies, they can rally the troops at a moment's notice.

Also see: Nintendolt, wordNintendroid/quote, fanboy, Gen.Wedge's GamerTag on Xbox Live
Gahigiddy and olimario are infamous Nintendrones.
by Gen.Wedge June 23, 2003
A person who is blindly, fanatically loyal to Nintendo. Will immediately buy anything with the Nintendo logo and mindlessly insult anyone who doesn't share their fanaticism, and would proclaim a blank disc with Mario's face on it to be the greatest game ever made.

See also: pathetic, fanboy, moron
Johnny's greatest ambition is the get a Mario blowup doll. He's such a Nintendrone.
by Shinigami September 04, 2003
A Nintendo fanboy, most play Nintendo all day, and some get in big wars with fans of other systems.
Many are smart and keep out of such Flame Wars, and just spend their time playing Nintendo games.
People differ, some may be rude, others not.
Rude Nintendrone: Hey A., there's a flamewar going on at this forum, wanna join?

Good Nintendrone: Please leave me alone, I have no time for such childish thing, I've almost beaten the new Metroid, that's important.
by Tole September 12, 2006
A person that has no life other than to praise Nintendo as their god. hail Mario, Samus, and others as the best video game characters ever. they would burn their arm off just to meet Shigeru Miyamoto. for 3 that actually see the light, there's 30 to replace them.
Nintendrone: Get that PSP away from ME! it's the devil! the DS will cast it away, just you wait...a few more months!

*3 months later*

their coming, don't worry. it's gonna blow PSP out of the water, LOLOLOL!
by the enigmatic man March 01, 2005
Nintendo fanboys who reign on message boards everywhere.
Damn those Nintendrones. They are taking over the contest!
by Nintendo Fanboy May 09, 2004
a person (typically someone born before 2000) who only plays games old nintendo games (Nintendo 64 and below) and thinks that all games that have no association with Nintendo are horrible games.
someone who plays only old Nintendo consoles and old Nintendo games is a Nintendrone.
by ourworldtoday March 05, 2013
A loyal Nintendo follower, who will protect their beloved franchise from Xbox and Playstation users spreading butthurt remarks about their consoles or games, people generally dislike Nintendrones because they're usually right about whatever they're talking about.
Wow, look at that stupid Nintendrone! I bet his dumb consoles don't break after a year of being used, I bet it also plays gamecube and wii discs too, this is why Xbox is better.
by CraiZen September 17, 2015
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