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The universe or world all Nintendo games take place for example our Solar System has planets, well same goes for the Nintendoverse but on every planet there are inhabitants and said inhabitants are the characters of the game that takes place on said planet.
The Nintendoverse is most easily shown in the super smash bros brawl series where all the characters have been plopped in the same planet to fight each other / save the planet from destruction as you travel to a lot of places to get to Tabuu the main boss and you meet all the characters in places the creators of the game thought they would be for example Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong were in the jungle chasing De De De to get their bananas back it introduced them all on the same planet because in every single Nintendo game you can't imagine there being a Metroid game taking place on the same planet as the Mario games or Donkey Kong games.
by Simoniz December 23, 2013
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