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A name for an Italian guy, or a name that guys named Antonio like to be called for short.
Guy: Hey Antonio!

Antonio: That's not my name, my name's Nino, dammit!
by Bob Landry January 13, 2005
247 159
See also Sexy Beast
Nino is a term which describes one of superior life skills. Ninos are known for their exemplary fencing capabilities and their extreme awesomeness. The word Nino may also pertain to one who is the sexiest and most popular man in his area.
Girl 1: Did you see that hot-ass guy last night?
Girl 2: Yeah, he was a Nino.
Girl 1: Uh, I should have known!
by Blayde February 28, 2008
408 125
The person who always makes inappropriate, unfunny jokes in those awkward moments.
That was definatly a nino moment, shake my hand.
by 090493 October 03, 2010
85 97
Nino short for the name Antonio or Antonia
Yeah I'm single,
N-gga had to cancel that b-tch like nino,
I aint trippin on nothin,
I'm sipping on somethin,

Nino being Lil Wayne's ex Antonia. Who he makes reference to in Single taken from the No Ceilings Mixtape
by LovelyLish February 20, 2011
42 60
A shortened version of the word casino. Rolls off the tongue nicely.
Yo, I won an extra five bucks at the nino time to ball out.
by Duurrr August 13, 2010
42 64
Used to describe individuals that like to mack on younger girls cause they can't get anything their own age.
Guy 1: Yo, I heard that John is going out with that freshman girl.

Guy 2: Man, what a fucking Nino. He's a senior going out with a freshman? He should get someone his own age.
by twrjwrj April 09, 2010
65 96
A codeword for marijuana
and a kick ass band
Person: Yoo we should get more sour d, it's probably my favorite type of nino
Other person: fo sho smoking nino is that shit, so is the band
by Billy Bob Thorton May October 24, 2006
66 106