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The internet fascination with ninjas. One of those fads that was very funny when sites like realultimatepower first came out, the ninja phenomenon quickly spiralled out of control.

Like telling somebody it's funny to stick your finger up a cow's anus just to see if they'll do it, ninjorgies on the internet are far more easier to partake in. The person doesn't have to buy wellies; doesn't have to trespass on a farm; doesn't have to get a smelly finger; all that is required is they forfeit their dignity.

The power of ninjorgies was so much so that people started to believe mentioning a ninja alone counted as comedy.
The Ninjorgy went on for an entire week, each person contributing further to the demise of the ninja legend.

"I'm a ninja!"

"You're a fucking douche who can't think of anything original to say to other douches on the internet."
by Redlineonhill February 25, 2008
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