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Ninja Balls are the inhalable food invented by Ryan J. Reynolds in Episode 28 of WillyousignmyCast that you throw down onto the ground like an actual ninja ball, let the smoke/mist fill the room, and ingest the flavor of your favorite foods as opposed to actually spending large amounts of money on the foods themselves. For example: Hot dog, pizza, salad, pork bacon, shark and sharktopus.

WARNING: 40% alcohol content...
Ryan: Ninja Balls are the way of the future.
Brian: Ninja Balls are the way of the STUPID.
Ryan: That's like saying you can't do the printing press or the telegram because it's impossible. Ninja Ballin' like a mothaf*cka!
by SuperHotBoyCleaning August 20, 2010
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In reference to a ninja's testicles, or an adjective used to describe having ninja like testicles.
Joe: Man it took some ninja balls to wedgie that bouncer!

Dan: yeah, I know.
by neversweat May 18, 2006
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The act of farting into one's own hand, then "throwing" it into an unsuspecting target's face.
"Brian threw a ninja ball into Greg's mouth."
by Joe May 21, 2006
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1. A person who is said to have thrown down, or used some ninja balls, has just vanished completely without a trace.

2. Small round object Ninjas throw down at their own feet that creates a puff of smoke and cause the Ninja to disappear.
Joe: I just saw Rich a minute ago! Where did he go?
Pat: Guess he threw down some ninja balls.
by hotbuddha October 14, 2005
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An obnoxious game no one likes to play on Halo 3 live
Player over headset: Aww Fuck they vetoed swords to play ninja ball.
by J.Rotten January 08, 2008
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