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1. Person who likes to be double penetrated by two big black cocks while sucking a big black dick

2.Person who thinks there cool but really just like to suck dick left and right

3.Has no life and will live with there parents until they die

4.Person who enjoys licking cum from the floor

5. Person who likes to be showered in cum

6. Person who likes to have sex with animals

7. Person who enjoys getting fucked in the ass and likes it when you cum inside there ass

8. Cum drinker, likes to drink cum, would prefer a cumshake over a milkshake

9.Person who is mentally challenged on such a high level they eat there own shit cause they think its chocolate

10.Person that was sexually abused by there dad and enjoyed it

11.Person who cant get enough cock

12.Person living with genital herpes

13.Person who has aids

14. A complete ass hole that likes to be penetrated by as many black cocks as possible

15. Person who likes getting fucked by there dad while wearing a butt plug

Ninja Baller
"John: Hey did you see that girl stuff all those dicks in her mouth?!
Steve: Yea she was doing a Ninja Baller"

Dad:Did you enjoy that fucking babe?"
Daughter/son: yea i cant wait till you fuck me again, Im such a Ninja Baller

Girl/Guy:Can you guys Ninja Baller me?
3 Black dudes: Whats that?
Girl/Guy: well its when one of yous fucks me in the ass the other in the pussy and ill suck the others dick

Guy 1: My girlfriend such a Ninja Baller.
Guy 2: What do you mean?
Guy 1: Well i jizzed on the floor and she licked it all up!
by Ninja Baller sucks dick July 25, 2008
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