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This is a chick who is beautiful, caring, loved, brutally honest, and just down-to-earth. She will comfort you or put you in check. This woman is not afraid of judgement and knows she is not flawless. She knows she isnt better than everyone, cuz noone is perfect, yet she maintains respect from other and respects them even if they arent her favorite. At times she can be annoying, loud, out of control and just a straight dumbass, but other times she has defused situations, done what people didnt want to do, and supported someone elses view that conflict with her own.

If you cant get along with her your either jealous or cant understand someone who sees the world in a more clearer perspective
I agree, Nina Rose Hotchkiss can be quite a bitch, but at least she admits it.
by Pringles678 August 24, 2011
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