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Extremely competitive guy who crerates conflict for no reason. See chump.
That Nilam keeps bothering me about my test score.
by Anonymous May 13, 2003
13 53
A beautiful and intelligent Female who is easy to talk to. Also has a very cute voice but just her laugh can make others laugh. She is the reason why Indian women are known for the beauty
DANG that girl is such a Nilam
by DeskAndChair April 13, 2011
31 4
an awesome girl who seriously cannot be stopped. fun, amazing, crazzy, hilarious. Overall frikken awesome person.

Also, a girl who is starting to become a "G". "Nilam's" are being converted with the help of Masta A's to the world of rap.
dude, that girl is such a Nilam
by masta A February 04, 2005
56 39
one who is not intelligent, waste of time, space, and energy. Likely to have multiple personality disorders and obsessive over superficial things.
You know that gold-digger who pretends to be an angel? Yeah she's such a nilam!
by awesomest111 December 25, 2009
33 42
that guy is such a nilam
by ahaha April 02, 2003
11 53