1. The sweetest, most adorable Russian boy you will ever meet. A charismatic, funny, smart, attentive, kind, and silly guy. Can be an awesome friend, Amazing in bed, great person to have around for conversation, and will probably be rich and successful one day. If he's yours, keep him.

2. The cockiest jerk-face from Russia. An alcoholic who parties all the time, is dating at least two girls at once, lies to you all the time, and is possibly and undiagnosed psychopath. He is obnoxious. If he's yours, dump him because he will cheat on you or pass out on your bed and pee in it.
1. Boy: Baby, I'll love you forever.
Girl: Aww, you're my Nikolay.

2. Boy: Baby, I'm going out drinking and hooking up with a bunch of other girls tonight, that ok?
Girl: Ugh, you're such a Nikolay. Fuck dis shit, I'm not yo' baby. Get the fuck out.
by JanusJr March 29, 2011
Top Definition
This is the Russian that you can't do without. If you're a girl, you want him. If you're a guy, he's your brother from another mother. If you are lucky enough to have him as a boyfriend, you will be happy for the rest of your life.
Girl 1: I am dating a Nikolay.
Girl 2: You are so Lucky!!!!
by FemaleSubconscious September 18, 2010
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