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Lengthened form of Nik or Kole and shortened form of Saint Nikolaus. Being of Saint Nikolaus' birth name grants any, who weild his name, a place in the hierarchy of any religion (preferably pastafarianism) ordained by the commander of the name.

It is a name commonly possesed by those of supernatural power such as the ability to travel through time at the speed of regular time whilest doing something else such as sleeping. Those who command this power also have an uncompared sense of style and fashion (especially when related to ties) and can look good while also not looking gay.

Frequently misspelled, this name causes much grief to those who live in America and will result, most likely, in a back lash from Nikolaus' all over the U.S. in an effort to cleanse it of retards. It will be a communist society probably and will have a dictator named Nikolaus.
Peson 1: Wow, look at Nik/Kole/Nikolaus! How can he wear that gay tie with butterflies and unicorns and still look so freakin sweet?
Person 2: I don't know dude but he's probably the coolest person I've seen today.

Communist citizen: Heil Hitl...Nikolaus!
by Benjjneb Timomit Harrah May 17, 2010
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