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Always well dressed. Very attractive. Fun to talk to. Almost certainly not a psychotic bitch. Also a male name in Russian.
She's pretty nikkita for a scientist
by Alfonzo Rodrigez June 13, 2010
A beautiful Grecian Goddess who is the envy of all. Enjoys all Greek food such as dolmathes, baklava and olives. Sweet like baklava and salty, i mean sultry like olives. A stunner whom all the boys are after! But if you manage to catch her and reel this sassy lady in, you will be in for the ride of your life and you will fall for her beautiful heart
Damn she's so fine!! She must be a Nikkita

I wanna marry a Nikkita one day yo!

Shes so fly, shes Nikkita!
by Josh Rousseaux June 21, 2011
She is the perfect person. Pretty, funny, friendly, everything that's good.
There is no examples because Nikkita is too perfect to compare
by ksjndfglopn June 08, 2011
A dirty whore from Prince George B.C. An indian on welfare. Crazy psychotic bitch. Also has a huge ass.
a girl named nikkita from prince george b.c.
by nikkitasafuckinskank March 13, 2008
A quirky lovable female with usually black or brown hair with a huge smile and attractive personality. She is the best girlfriend you could ask for and once you have her, you won't let her go easy.
I've never seen a girl so beautiful, she must be a nikkita.
by Poopfartbutt September 17, 2015

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