Underrated bassist in the greatest band, MOTLEY CURE! Better than any of those chaches in the new rock shit these days. Nikki is the last of great musicians. He died once, but was revived by getting adrenaline injected straight into his heart. They kickstarted Nikki's heart!
Nikki Sixx is the man.
by Spartans! December 02, 2004
Bassist and evil genius behind Motley Crue, the band that redefined rock star excess. Nikki was a notorious drug addict who died once and was brought back, boned Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson's wife, and once chased down Lars Ulrich of Metallica for yelling "Motley Crue sucks!" at him (and all this while wearing platform heels). Got clean, married two Playboy Playmates, and fathered 5 kids within wedlock and untold numbers outside wedlock. Nikki is pimp of all pimps.
Nobody, but nobody, got more first-class pussy than Nikki Sixx. Lita Ford, Brandi Brandt, Donna D'Errico, Vanity, and even the only female member Motley Crue ever had, Samantha Maloney. Ballin'.
by Mipp December 05, 2012
nikki sixx or just sixx is the act of overdose to a point of recesitation. acheiving death then revived by way of a defibulator, caused by narcotics
i thought homie was dead and then he went nikki sixx
did you hear about that guy nikki sixxing himself last weekend, thats crazy!
yeah i've been sixxed once or twice in my life.
by motorsidy August 10, 2008

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