a beautiful person. She is a sex god. If you ever meet a nikki praise the ground the walks on and feed her grapes. Then chant a song of praise while she walks with her glorious curls. And gorgeous wavy blonde and brown hair. She is also good in bed. (; All dem bitches want her. She is also very popular and nice, she doesn't like to lead people on. She is the definition of perfection.
boy #1 : Did you see that beautiful girl? She is so perfect ! I want her so bad. I wonder how she is in bed.(;

boy #2 : Damn right, i have. She's Nikki the glorious sex god !
by sirmeowington August 20, 2012
A sexy twin.
"hey look at that nikki, she's way hotter than her sister!"
by unflamable February 15, 2010
Nikki is the girl who watched Chinese Anime.
Everyone else: "uhm... Nikki.... No. Just. No.
by ZeldaLover4444 January 15, 2011
Bitch is a penguin, Crazy and willing to delete her myspace over an ant farting

she lives in New Mexico and fucks the chupacabra all night long!
Oh my god Carly stop being such a Nikki over spilled milk we can clean it up...NO PUT DOWN THE KNIFE PLEASE DON'T END YOUR LIFE OVER THIS!!!!!!
by little miss bunny January 04, 2010
a really awesome, pretty, crazy, funny, hurtful girl who likes to eat food including people. someone who likes to do random stuff and loves tokidoki
Thats girl's a Nikki! You can tell by her tokidoki backpack!
by b r i t e mango July 29, 2009
A SEXY GIRL WHO LIKES TO PLAY WARCRAFT. she likes to laze in the sun like a lizard and spoon with the dolphines. in here spare time when she is not found down the beach watching the early sunrise she will probably be found in a tree. she is my big spoon!
nikki is a sexy girl and i want her BAD!
by qwertyuiop. August 16, 2008
a sexy ass bitch that bangs anyone OR anything that walks by her!!!
O look, There's Nikki again with that thing!!!
by Mickye September 27, 2008

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