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A SEXY GIRL WHO LIKES TO PLAY WARCRAFT. she likes to laze in the sun like a lizard and spoon with the dolphines. in here spare time when she is not found down the beach watching the early sunrise she will probably be found in a tree. she is my big spoon!
nikki is a sexy girl and i want her BAD!
by qwertyuiop. August 16, 2008
a sexy ass bitch that bangs anyone OR anything that walks by her!!!
O look, There's Nikki again with that thing!!!
by Mickye September 27, 2008
A short, smart, asian girl.
You know Nikki?
Yeah! You mean that short asian girl?
Yep! That's Nikki all right!
by someonewhoiscool December 09, 2007
TOTAL RETARD. hottest israeli/russian you will ever meet. is a big whore. doesnt wear make up... which is a big turn on. has the biggest jew nose. be cautious when digging your tongue inside her mouth, you might get diseased. has absolutly no ass and tits, but her face makes up for it. thinks she can fight... but she really cant. knows pretty much every dealer, and tries making friends with all of them just so they can spark her. has sick open cribs. biggest pot head you will ever meet... hasnt had one sober day yet!
drug dealer - fuk! nikkis calling, she definitly wants a spark up.
drug dealers friend - fuk.. wtf.. tell her to fuck off.
by iitsyourgrandmotherbitch August 01, 2009
one who plays volleyball very well, yet is a jew and smells very bad on certain occasions.
Man I'd sure love to be a Nikki right now, on second thought I'd also hate to be a jew and smell bad.
by D McFly September 01, 2009
1. a hoe that goes to skyline high school & takes other gurls boyfriends just for sex & then leaves them on the streets.
2. an ugly whore that looks like an ant wit glasses.
3. a slutty orphan that was left by her hore mother who had aids at a yung age.
ur such a nikki
you were raised like a nikki
by morro cabron January 07, 2008
a very hot girl who went out with a fag named Airic
person1: "have you seen nikki?"
person 2: "yea, damn she is fine!"
by ttits December 14, 2007