1.) Stupid slut bitch

2.) Whore who pushes freshman down stairs

3.) Ugly bitch who gets drunk and passes out in the bathroom

(Often associated with other dumb bitches named Alexis)
1.) That girls skirt is sooo short, what a Nikki

2.) She is such a Nikki for breaking that freshman's leg

3.) Did you see her in the bathroom? WHAT A NIKKI, Alexis was there too.

by Nikki hater September 15, 2008
Beautiful,Sexy,Smart,Funny girl.Nobody would turn her down.She is also great in bed.Her and a danny would be the perfect match.Everyone loves her.She is every guys dream.
guy 1:I am dating Nikki.

guy 2:The one you took home last night?

guy 1:yea best night of my life.
by bluebunny271 July 03, 2011
A supachicka who does nothing but dance, drink, fluff her hair for maximum volume, and wear those friggin Bape shoes.
Did you see that supachika?
She lookin' so flyyy.
Yeah, it's Nikki alright.
by ashleyy chicka flyy October 07, 2007
Brown hair and brown eyes, this girl comes across as witty. But apparently thats all she has. She lacks smarts, looks (even though she thinks shes gorgeous) , and friends. Personality problems anda quick temper scares those away.
Wow, nikki freaked out again.


I dont know something about Jersey Shore?

I heard she creates her own friends.

Its true. I saw.
by AnonymousPerson17 October 31, 2010
a nikki is a type of mouth ulcer, which is so annoying, painful and frustrating that you pity it for being there. They usually occur through stress or a 'nick' in your mouth.
'look at my nikki, its a pain in the mouth!'
by Tigermoth April 02, 2008
A poker face of equal parts beauty and badassedness. It is fierce enough to make you fold your cards away in fear, while also beautiful enough to cause you to forget about man's inhumanity to man.
She looked around the table, wearing that Nikki on her face, causing most to immediately abandon any ambitions towards earning the pot, and a few to forget they were even sitting in on the game.
by primoamore February 16, 2012
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