A disgusting piece of garbage. A fat, worthless use of space. She has NO personality and its the FAKEST cunt you'll ever meet. She will come off as a nice person at first but will change in the snap of a finger. She smells like her pussy is open to the public beach. She has atrocious titties abd the nappiest of hair.
Look at the monsterous gorilla.
Thats a Nikki shes live in Garbageé.
Whats that?
Its a town in the state of Reycylé.
by MisterMistress May 17, 2015
Nikki is one of the most beautiful, caring people you will ever meet! she is a best friend, a sister, an amazing nurse and allrounder!! she is always ther to give u a chuckle and her many range of laughs can keep u in stitches for hours! someone you will come back to see and love always and forever unconditionally!
hahaha listen to that halarious chuckle, must be Nikki
by kourtney22 May 25, 2010
A loving bubbly person who brings out the best in people, attracts men with her natural beauty and personality and her sexy deep eyes, once you've met her you never want to leave her.

Great in bed (soft and can be wild) and once you have had the experience she leaves you wanting more and more.
A very loyal, respectful person. A lady to be honoured.
by dictionary definition uk July 04, 2011
First of all, a girl, beautiful to an unforgivable level, both in appearance and in personality. Adventurous, fun, and an example of light in the dark, and hope in despair. Nikki is like the bright stars at night decorating probably one of the most boring things to look at. Second, not only is she a blazing hot chick, she is also a bro, someone who's got your back at all times, and a good partner. Whenever you got trouble, she's somewhere to kick its ass. Third, a girl with no temper, anger is not in her dictionary, because of this the people around her tend to become the same, just can't get pissed off at her or in front of her. Fourth, intelligent and active, your daily source of news and a living encyclopedia. Talented in both sports and career, making some of the most boring things fun when you do it with her. Finally, that girl there who respects and gets respected. A girl who is not reaching perfection, but being reached by perfection. Nikki even when she isn't looking at you, looking at her makes you feel content, makes you smile and brightens your day. So lucky to have her in my life, couldn't ask for better.
Friend:Dude you have like the best girlfriend picked out of the universe.
Me: Are you kidding me? Nikki is the best out of all the best girlfriends out there.
Friend: Man I wish I was you.
Nikki: :) Sorry forever taken, but I got snacks and drinks for us.
Friend: Dammit haha.
by OscarKaidoshack November 25, 2011
a filthy, disgusting whore who is likely to steal your boyfriend and then blame it on you. You should watch out for these girls, they come in the form of your best friend.
I hate that nikki bitch.
by lastlaugh11 December 14, 2010
Beautifull and smart someone who is a great freind that you will never want to lose hate complements but will give anybody one loves chocolate and coffee and will always play video games with you and is a very pretty goth chic. she aint no normal girl she a guy kinda girl the one all the guys want to hang out with and be her freind. She will kick your butt anytime that you make her mad you will never see daylight again
You: hey dude isnt that Nikki?
Freind: yea why dont you go talk to her
You: No she wount like me
Nikki:sup guys
You :) heeeeeyyy (you say shakely)
by teddybearsarecool0650 May 05, 2014
The name is Nikki, it is given to a girl who is amazing in many ways. She is the hottest,cutest, and attractive girl you will ever meet. Not only that she is beautiful, she is always fun to be around with. If you need someone to cheer you up, Nikki is always the right person to call. When you see her pictures you would smile in many ways. Nikki is everything you can ask for.
Do you know who's Nikki?
Of course I do.
I want to ask her out.
I want to marry her.
Everyone does.
by bob ly December 04, 2011
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