A level of intoxication synonymous with extremely drunk. It was originated at the University of Ottawa in one of the residences.
Let's get Nikita'd tonight! Its gonna be a sick night, we're all gonna get Nikita'd! Let's get Nikita'd up in here! Bro, are you down to get Nikita'd tomorrow?
by Courtney Mcdonald January 18, 2012
To steal something without actually needing it or having a reason to steal it in the first place. Mostly it's theft of unexpensive but difficult to replace objects and most of the time the stolen object will be returned after an amount of time.
"Where's my sunglasses"
"I nikitad them"

"Rob is such an asshole. When he's a parties he always end up nikitaing things"
by EffJee October 09, 2011
A really corny show that makes people want to hit others.
God! After watching the show Nikita I wanna punch a baby!
by weird llama September 06, 2010
This breed of Communist is generally found in the more western parts of Soviet Russia.
The "Nikita" is a sex crazed animal which hunts younger females and preys on MILF's.
If you are to come across a "Nikita" please contact your local KGB Political Office for summary execution and removal of genetalia.

by Workdayross November 24, 2011
an ugly ass bitch who resembles a man and has a shit ton of acne all over her face. Nikita's are usually giant whores and bitches but still end up getting guys for some odd reason. never be friends with a nikita because she will stab you in the back
boy 1: yo what do you think about that nikita chick?
boy 2: she's fucking disgusting look at her manly body and acne
boy 1: you're right she a butterface
by looptyloopandpull May 06, 2015
noun. a universal word describing an intellect without a distinct look of fashion who values intelligence rather than sluttyness and loves eminem.
noun. a swear word used when parents are around so that you dont get in trouble
verb. to look nikita

The "N" is ALWAYS capitalized.
1.noun. Omg, your looking awfully Nikita today! NICE!
2.noun. O crap, Im in so much Nikita trouble!
verb. Did u see Megan? She looked so Nikita, what a poser.
by xxshadysbabyxx July 26, 2006
A Nikita is a girl that is such an attention seeker and has no friends because she's so obnoxious- not to mention how ugly and stubborn she is. She is two faced and is a slut that has a different boyfriend every day. She doesn't treat her friends the way they should be treated and she thinks she's better than everyone else. She always has to be right and doesn't like to admit it when she's wrong. A Nikita claims to be something she's not just for attention.
'Oh my goodness! Whose that girl that thinks she's all that?!'

'Thats definitely a Nikita..STAY AWAY!'
by NH4E2403 February 06, 2014
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