Nikita is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. When I met her, I knew she was going to be a significant person in my life. I think most people feel that way. The first time I saw her face, I thought I saw god. I was left speechless. She was the person I was looking for my whole life and I didn't even know I was looking for anyone. I'll never forget her, her smile or the moments I've shared with her. I've learned so much from this girl. My whole world view has been altered for the better since I met her.She made me think in ways I never thought possible. She is the most honest girl I have ever known and that is a true rarity. She is the overall best looking girl you will ever meet. The words "beautiful" just don't cut it. Men want her and women want to be her. She's better looking than Mellisa Clarke and sexy oozes out of every pore in her body. F*** it. Words just can't describe this girl. She reminds me of everything and everything reminds me of her. Just thinking about Nikita gives me the butterflies.. like your first day of school.. or your first date.. your first kiss.. or the first time you have sex..she's like when the sun inspires you to wake up and dance with your hands in the air, praising life and the awareness that lets you experience it from your point of view...she is pure ecstasy.. pure sunlight... the life that fills your bones...she is the most amazing ride you will ever find yourself on... the most beautiful experience that will ever come your way.
What just happened?

Nikita just happened.
by R0B3RT_123 May 30, 2012
the most beautiful & fittest boys ever! any girl would be lucky to have him, one of da hottest boys in russia! he has the cutest eyez and da most sexyest smile. mmmm hes so hot
Girl 1- so whats your boyfriend called? Girl 2-nikita Girl 1- WOW HE MUST BE HOT!
by StayTrueToYou May 30, 2012
A Russian name. Usually guys with this name are very intelligent and tough...and have big dicks. Guys with name Dylan don't even have dicks.
What's your name?
You have a big dick and nice personality
by TDeezy December 14, 2013
A very passionate girl who does her stuff well and knows how to jam fuck a few cocks on a daily basis
"lets jam in a nikita ."
Courageous, outgoing girl, who loves attention. Likes parties, boys, and anything that let's her have as much fun as she can.
Despite her good qualities, she tends to be a heartbreaker, a cocktease, and a friendship killer.

She'll be your friend until she finds someone who you love and crushes your relationship.
Girl 1: That girl stole my boyfriend!
Girl 2: Yeah, she's such a Nikita!
by Lauren96 August 23, 2014
Nikita is a certain look which includes scarves, lots of eyeliner, and shirts with usually stripes or polka dots. It can also refer to someone who has worn slip ons for so long, they forgot how to tie shoes.
You look so Nikita today!
by miss kitters kk November 23, 2005
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