a combination of the words nigger and migraine.

used to describe the headache one acquires from too much contact with one's ignoramous brethren.
Do you have any nigcedrin? It's dollar beer night and the population just got a lot darker. I'm getting one hell of a nigraine.
by Hot Sex August 10, 2007
Top Definition
It is a huge migraine (headache) that you get from seeing to many nignogs.
The effect is so severe, it can sometimes lead to "black" outs.
tom: hey jim. you dont look too good.
Jim : i know, i just came from africa, i might be suffering from a Nigraine.
by noharmony February 08, 2009
The severe headache achieved from listenning to Al Sharpton complain about how every bad thing that happens to every black person is a crime against the African American culture.
Turn that shit off, man. I'm getting a nigraine from listenning to Sharpton's racist ass again.
by plplpl January 18, 2013
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