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a mini or small nigger that has not fully developed into a gangbangin ass fucker yet but one day it will roam the streets as a liquor store robbing asshole
"hey bob did you see that niglet runnin around causin trouble with the little white kids in the neighborhood?"

"why yes i did tom he sure looks like a future asslicking nigger"
by marijuanasmoker69 May 20, 2010
A black baby.
The niglet was being held by his mother yesterday. And he the niglet started crying because his mom squeezed him a little to tight!
by LIK¦TFKK™ September 24, 2009
a ticking time bomb
That niglets learnin' to walk, it's only a matter of time before it's a nigger
by JB0n3 June 04, 2011
a baby nigger
yo look a the Negros family they have a little niglet!
by Flama Blanca November 30, 2010
1. A racial slur for an african american child.

2. A slang word for a friend similar to dude, nigger, or homie.
1. Look at that niglet over there honey!
(plural) There's a pack of niglets heading this way.

2. Yo niglet! Get over here!
Niglet, you picking up the beer tonight?
by A. Anderson August 03, 2008
an african american infant or child.
They cute wen it b a niglet but they grimey wen they grow in2 niggas
by guttabutt09 May 20, 2010