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a baby nigger
Black Man#1: My wife's pregnant!
Black Man#2: No way! Whats it gonna be?
Black Man#1: A niglet, duh!!
by (;(;(;;););) December 31, 2008
46 18
a word that makes me think of chicken nuggets. (ex: chicken niglets). niglets are also little niggers. also, its the best fucking word ive ever heard!
Damn! that little niglet stole my bike!
by xblindside7290 February 20, 2008
68 40
a bite sized nigga, or a little african-american kid.
Tyrone: look at ma little niglet mayne, aint he DA SHIT(in a Katt Williams type voice)
Dwayne: yea nigga, dat niglet is gon be poppin dem otha niglets who be hatin on him in kindagaaten and fuckin he teacha!
by bDids in da 603 August 15, 2008
51 26
a young black baby
guy: ok so i got home yesterday and this little niglet came to my house and asked if i had some grape soda

friend: wtf! did you tell that niglet to go away
by pop eye November 15, 2010
32 9
a black child who is not considered a nigger YET.
Hey niglet, bet you cant wait to be a nigger yet huh, only 2 and a half more years right?
37 15
a nine month shit taken by a nigress
1. John: What's that over there?
Dave: It's a niglet.
John: Damn, i thought it smelled like shit.

2. Mike: How do you babysit a niglet?
Nick: Wet his lips and stick him to the wall.
by niggaz_suck February 17, 2010
28 10
A young nigger.

Not a nigler, there is no such thing.
Look at that niglet aint he cute.
by Songo March 09, 2009
28 11