a word that makes me think of chicken nuggets. (ex: chicken niglets). niglets are also little niggers. also, its the best fucking word ive ever heard!
Damn! that little niglet stole my bike!
by xblindside7290 February 20, 2008
a bite sized nigga, or a little african-american kid.
Tyrone: look at ma little niglet mayne, aint he DA SHIT(in a Katt Williams type voice)
Dwayne: yea nigga, dat niglet is gon be poppin dem otha niglets who be hatin on him in kindagaaten and fuckin he teacha!
by bDids in da 603 August 15, 2008
a young black baby
guy: ok so i got home yesterday and this little niglet came to my house and asked if i had some grape soda

friend: wtf! did you tell that niglet to go away
by pop eye November 15, 2010
a black child who is not considered a nigger YET.
Hey niglet, bet you cant wait to be a nigger yet huh, only 2 and a half more years right?
The larvae of a nigger
When I arrested the parent, I found 32 niglets in the closet.
by Tildo December 06, 2010
a nine month shit taken by a nigress
1. John: What's that over there?
Dave: It's a niglet.
John: Damn, i thought it smelled like shit.

2. Mike: How do you babysit a niglet?
Nick: Wet his lips and stick him to the wall.
by niggaz_suck February 17, 2010
a mini or small nigger that has not fully developed into a gangbangin ass fucker yet but one day it will roam the streets as a liquor store robbing asshole
"hey bob did you see that niglet runnin around causin trouble with the little white kids in the neighborhood?"

"why yes i did tom he sure looks like a future asslicking nigger"
by marijuanasmoker69 May 20, 2010

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