A baby nigger, Most annoying features of a fully grown nigger arart from the motor skills to hold a gun.
J A Y The Fookin niglet raped CEF with his fucking niggerness.
by Trucido February 11, 2008
African americans who are generally mistaked for poop, who give birth to small Niglets who are small n*****.
You @!$# ran over that #@!% Niglet!!!!
by Jesse B. October 26, 2006
ITS A POPULAR term--in many parts of the world---
to describe a 6 yr old and down to infant..
of african descent.

sometimes used instead of NIGBY..
they dont call them pickaninny's any more.
the little knappy head infants are called NIGLETS
by hunky April 26, 2007
A little nigger, one that causes havoc wherever they go
"shantel shut dat niglet up"
"moma y u no abort dis niga"
"dat niglet gon get a spankin'"
by mnC May 23, 2008
a word that makes me think of chicken nuggets. (ex: chicken niglets). niglets are also little niggers. also, its the best fucking word ive ever heard!
Damn! that little niglet stole my bike!
by xblindside7290 February 20, 2008
one not yet black enough to be considered a "nigga"
Peace out niglet, see ya at the club.
by lalaleigh December 31, 2006
a baby nigger
Black Man#1: My wife's pregnant!
Black Man#2: No way! Whats it gonna be?
Black Man#1: A niglet, duh!!
by (;(;(;;););) December 31, 2008
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