wee little tiny nigger babies
My Ex (in Mississippi) once commented, "you just don't like black folks, DO YOU"
I calmly replied,
That's not true!!!
I like the little niglets pretty good,
as long as they are seasoned up just right, and cooked slow
by white as snow August 03, 2006
a black child who is not considered a nigger YET.
Hey niglet, bet you cant wait to be a nigger yet huh, only 2 and a half more years right?
by Dontrelle Jones April 09, 2008
A small nigger(usually a child, midget, or elf) who has yet to refine his nigger skills well enough to be officially considered a nigger. Similar to HIV before it turns into AIDS.
Hey look at that niglet, he's pretty dirty but he's not dirty enough to be considered a nigger.
by dg818 April 19, 2010
a nigger-in-training. Curently being taught how to be stupid, lazy, and to steal. These "niggers" that they become are rather skilled at these things.
Person 1 "Awhhh, that niglet over there is trying to steal..."

Person 2 "ooops.. theres a cop. have fun in jail niglet."

Person 3 "you do realize that he was stealing your car retard."

Person 1 "yeah. but its what they were made for."
by krimsonnazi October 31, 2009
Little Black kids
Look at all them little niglets runnin around dat yard. I bet none of them mutha fuckas knows they Daddy!
by Nigleteer June 20, 2009
A baby nigger.
Ew. Look at that ugly ass niglet!!
by wpgirl December 03, 2008
A small, dark-skinned, big lipped child. The children of niggers.
It really is a shame those stupid niggers let their niglets run rampant around the city.
by Big Joe1122 May 02, 2010

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