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A troubled black kid who doesn't quite realize it yet. Nickname is used by friends and family to help the person come to terms with the truth.
"Where is that niglet at?.. I'm going to be late for class."
"Hmm, idk, I haven't seen Asia all morning."
by ghettojoke12 November 01, 2011
7 7
A black person who is not good enough to be a nigger.
"look at the lil niglet sucking white mans cock, shit, slavery died."
by Tony ramone June 18, 2005
18 19
A black midget
Hey, Kels, look at that niglet!
Oh yeah dude, such a nigler. (Adj.)
by Tully8 January 24, 2014
0 2
Black small pig like creatures running down the ressi hill to capture you, it can be a very scary sight.
You better watch out or the Niglets will get you!!

Look over there at the Ressi hill! The Niglets are coming straight for us!
by fabulous xox May 20, 2013
4 6
The tiny curls at the back of ones neck. Small spirals. Named because of little black children often called niglets. Small children=small curls.
Jen: i put my hair up, how does it look?
Ashley: it looks cute but you have a bunch of niglets at the back of your neck.

Blaine: oh girl look at those cute little niglets you have at the back of your neck! how cute!
by intelectualgirl July 12, 2011
3 5
A Baby black Kid, Taken From the Word "piglet."
A Form Of The Word "Piglet" and "Nigga" Niglet
A Baby Black Human Being
Ey' Yo you see dat' niglet over der, he be a scrawny.
by L Robb 00 May 03, 2007
30 35
A black piglet .
Whooa when did piglet turn black .

he is a niglet now .
by niglettttttttt maan May 10, 2010
10 16