a woe.
Drake: runnin' through the 6 with my niglets
other: Don't you mean woes?

Drake: Same thing!
by h0lla10108 April 04, 2015
a small nigger
Young joon is a niglet.
Look its a niglet!
by aburnfis January 20, 2014
A black person from the ages 1-4.
My cousin has a cute little niglet.
by Ted Collins February 26, 2009
african baby or child
she was pregnant with a niglet.
by Sug Daddy August 27, 2008
A nocturnal predator.
"That niglet just caught a baby rabbit in its mouth!"

"There is a fuzzy little niglet hiding in the bushes."
by Biffeus May 28, 2006
Children younger then 6 years of age, who's parents are of African descent.
The black lady had 6 little niglets in line with her at the KFC.
by SNAVETREBOR November 02, 2011
a compound name derived from nigger and piglet. can be used to refer to, or describe a mixed race baby of a black and white mixture.
nig- referring to the black half.
-let referring to the white half.
since white newborn babies have a pinkish skin tone, similar to newborn piglets.
Yow know how much Amber likes the black guys? Well she got knocked up and now she's going to have a niglet.
by Andrew09 December 01, 2007
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